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Transfer of Credits Worksheet
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Credit Transfer Worksheet


This chart is intended to assist you in identifying appropriate, similar courses at another college or university. 

Transfer credit may be awarded for college courses that were completed previously, passed with a grade of “C” or better, and similar in content, rigor, and credit hours to those in the St. Joseph’s curriculum.  College science courses (A&P, Micro) completed more than seven (7) years prior to acceptance will need to be repeated.


St Joseph’s Curriculum



Course Description

What to look for at another college/university

BSC 201

Anatomy & Physiology I


This course provides a study of the anatomy and physiology of the various systems of the human body, specifically the skeletal, endocrine, nervous, muscle, and integumentary systems. The cat is the primary dissection specimen in the laboratory.

Similar course description/title.  Must include a lab.

OCC = BIO 107/171; CCC = BIO 203

BSC 202

Anatomy & Physiology II


This course is the second part of a study of the anatomy and physiology of the various systems of the human body, specifically the circulatory, respiratory, immune, urinary, digestive and reproductive systems. The cat is the primary dissection specimen in the laboratory.

Similar course description/title.  Must include a lab.

OCC = BIO 108/172; CCC = BIO 204

BSC 205 Microbiology


This course is a survey of microbial life with special emphasis on those organisms of clinical interest. Laboratory exercises emphasize the isolation, identification and control of microorganisms.

Similar course description/title.  Must include a lab.

OCC = BIO 205; CCC = BIO 216

ENG 102

Critical Writing


Practice in the skills of critical thinking, critical reading and especially critical writing. Students will analyze selected essays and articles in conjunction with frequent writing assignments. Students will be expected to gain and demonstrate college-level proficiency in critical reading, critical writing and standard English grammar and usage.

Similar course description.  Must include composition or a writing component.

OCC = ENG 103/104; CCC = ENG 101

PSY 101

Introductory Psychology


A one-semester broad overview of contemporary psychology – its diverse approaches to the understanding of behavior and basic principles and research findings associated with each of these approaches. Specific areas of psychological inquiry discussed include physiological, cognitive and social psychology; learning, sensation and perception; emotion and motivation; and personality and psychopathology.

Similar course description/title.

OCC = PSY 103; CCC = PSY 101

PSY 220

Human Life Span Development


This course is a general introduction to human development. The study of human development is a scientific analysis of patterns of change and growth across the entire life span from conception through very old age. The course will include the investigation of essential questions of human experience, including inherited factors, attachment to caregivers, mastery of the human body and the environment, meaningful social relationships, achievement, occupational choice, impact of societal expectations, the formulation of values and goals, the concept of generativity, and death and dying. The course will analyze human development from a biopsychosocial perspective looking closely at basic patterns of normal development.

Similar course description/title.  May be titled “Growth & Development” or “Human Growth & Development” or “Life Span Psychology”

OCC = PSY 206; CCC = PSY 212

SOC 101 Introductory Sociology


An introduction to sociology’s contributions toward an understanding of men and women and their social world. The course examines social interaction as the basis of social behavior and the foundation of social groups. Sociological concepts and methodology are used to provide meaning and understanding of such phenomena as gender roles, the development of self, the family, social class and stratification, deviant behavior, behavior in organizations and bureaucracy, urban life, power and politics, and social change.

Similar course description/title.

OCC = SOC 103 or ANT 103;

CCC = SOC 101

PHL 346 *

Ethics &

the Nurse


Using a practical, context-specific approach that is sensitive to the philosophical, scientific, social, legal and economic dimensions that shape and define the field of bioethics, this course is devoted to a detailed study of ethical issues in nursing. Specific topics will vary.

Similar course description/title.  Must focus on nursing and healthcare ethics.

*Strongly encouraged to complete this course at SJ College of Nursing

*this course should be taken at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing



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