Weekday Orientation

Orientation Part I will be online on Tuesday, June 15 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or Thursday, June 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You select which day you would like to attend. When it’s time, start or join the WebEx meeting  

Student Success Checklist for the Start of Classes

WebEx –Due June 15

I have joined a Test Meeting on WebEx and tested to make sure audio, video and microphone connection all work.

ATI –Due July 1

I have created an ATI account

I have entered in the Product ID CDN008999035

I have completed the Ticket to Class ATI Fall 2021 -Due August 18

Email –Due July 1

My Email is set up and I am able to send and receive emails on a consistent basis

I know how to set it up on my phone or other device

ID Badge & Parking Pass –Due August 1

I have completed the request for a Parking Pass

I have uploaded my photo for my ID Badge

Peer Mentor –Due August 1

I have reached out to my Peer Mentor to introduce myself and establish rapport

An email will be sent out after Orientation Part 1 with contact information

Textbook and Supplies –Due August 1

I have reviewed the required and optional textbook and supply list

I have requested supplies

My Textbooks and Supplies have been ordered

Academic Advisor –Due August 15

I have logged into SONIS and looked up who my Academic Advisor is General à Bio à Under Enrollment Information

I have emailed my Academic Advisor and introduced myself In SONIS, click on your Academic Advisor’s name and then select Email Advisor

Academic Calendar –Due August 15

I have reviewed the Academic Calendar for the 2020-2021 year

Accommodations –Due August 15

I am received accommodations previously in high school or college or am seeking accommodations for the first time. Please complete the Request for Accommodations Form

I am an English Language Learner and am requesting accommodations.  Please complete the English Language Learner Test Accommodation Request I am not requesting accommodations at this time am aware of where and how to request them should I need them in the future.

Canvas –Due August 15

I have logged into Canvas and have accepted the course invitations

For students who are currently enrolled at Le Moyne or have taken a Le Moyne course in the past, use the following portal:

For students who are not currently enrolled at Le Moyne, and have not previously been a Le Moyne student, use the following portal: Check your email titled “SJCON Canvas & ExamSoft Account Information” for more detailed instructions (Will come out after Orientation Part 1)

CastleBranch –Due August 15 (Items should be uploaded by this date or scheduled in order for them to be reviewed) ·

I have created a CastleBranch Account

My Background Check is Complete

All of my Clinical Requirements are complete (15 of 15)

Code “T” Tango –Due August 15

I have watched Shots Fired on campus 

I have completed the assessment on Code “T” Tango = Active Shooter 

ExamSoft –Due August 15

I have created my ExamSoft Account Check your email titled “SJCON Canvas & ExamSoft Account Information” for more detailed instructions (will come out after Orientation Part 1)

HealthStream –Due August 15

I have logged in and have completed the necessary HealthStream Assignments

I understand that these will continue to be assigned throughout my course of study at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing

Math –Due August 15

I have reviewed the Math Review Packet I am ready to take the test on August in ExamSoft on Wednesday, August 18 If I do not earn 100%, I will take a second test on Thursday, August 19

SONIS –Due August 15

I have logged into SONIS My bill is paid, or I am on a payment plan

Title IX –Due August 15

I have reviewed the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Title IX Policy and the Title IX Education for Students, Faculty & Staff on HealthStream

Uniforms –Due August 15

My Uniforms have been ordered and picked up I will have them for the first day I participate in NSG 111 or NSG 110 – Clinical

Orientation Part 2 –Due August 18