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Title IX
Notice of Non Discrimination:

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing (SJCON) is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living, educational, and working environment that is free from gender discrimination, harassment, and creates an environment that promotes responsibility, dignity, and respect in matters of sexual conduct.

 Title IX prohibits discrimination, harassment, and retaliation of any kind on the basis of sex. Title IX also prohibits Violence Against Women Act offenses (“Sexual and Interpersonal Offenses”) such as sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Any person, regardless of gender, can be a victim/survivor of a Title IX violation.

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing’s Title IX policy is designed to address conduct that falls within Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act), and NYS Education Law Sections 6432 and 6439-6449. 

Title IX Coordinator: 
Ann M. Noel
206 Prospect Ave, Office 114
Syracuse, NY 13203


Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Title IX Policy

Title IX Education for Students, Faculty & Staff

Committee Members Certification Listing
Campus Climate Survey 2020 - 2021

Title IX Anonymous Reporting Form: 

Title IX/Student Conduct Committee Members:

Ann Noel Title IX Coordinator/Investigator

Terry Pudney Hearing Facilitator
Antonina Hylen Hearing Decision Maker
Joshua Blodgett Hearing Board Members:**
Jennifer Cerio
Lori Costello
Mathew Dwyer
Laurie Files
Julie Middleton   
John Munger   
Kerrigan Nyman

Dr. Lenore Boris Appeals Hearing Board Decision Maker
Stephanie Barlow Appeals Board Members:
Dr. Maryann Wafer

Dr. Trish Spoto Student Conduct Officer:
Joshua Blodgett Hearing Board Members**
Jennifer Cerio
Lori Costello
Mathew Dwyer
Laurie Files
Julie Middleton   
John Munger   
Kerrigan Nyman


**Hearing Board Members may also serve as student advisors