Weekday Student Success Checklist

Virtual Introduction
June 9th & June 14th Recording (link)

Weekday Orientation Part I (In-Person)
Wednesday, July 13th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or Wednesday, July 20th from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Sign up for the day you will attend (link)
Report to the lobby of the College of Nursing

Basic Math Test (1 hr)
ATI – Critical Thinking Assessment (1 hr)
College & Hospital Tour
Open Technical Support

First Day of Class & Orientation Part II (In-Person)
Wednesday, August 24th

Items marked ‘ACTIVE‘ are available to complete immediately. For items marked ‘TBA‘ further information
will be sent to your student email in the coming weeks.

Email (ACTIVE)

  • My SJCON Email is set up and I am able to send and receive emails on a consistent basis (link)
  • I know how to set it up on my phone or other device (link)

Need help?
Technical Support – adam.ward@sjhcon.edu

Sonis (ACTIVE)

  • I have logged into Sonis (link)
  • I have accepted/rejected my financial aid offer
  • My bill is paid, or I am on a payment plan

Need help?
Technical Support – matthew.dwyer@sjhcon.edu
Financial Aid – stephanie.barlow@sjhcon.edu
Registration & Billing – cari.mclaughlin@sjhcon.edu

CastleBranch (ACTIVE)

  • I have created a CastleBranch Account (link)
    • Here is how to order (link)
    • My package code is: SV61DAY
    • myCB Video FAQ Library (link)
  • My Background Check is Complete
  • All of my Clinical Requirements are complete (link)
    • CPR BLS Classes at St. Joseph’s (link)
    • CPR BLS Classes at the American Red Cross (link)
    • CPR BLS Classes at the American Heart Association (link)

Need help?
Clinical Requirements – laurie.files@sjhcon.edu
Technical Support – 1.888.723.4263


  • I have created an ATI account (link)
  • I have watched Getting Started with ATI (link)
  • I have entered in the Product ID (link): CDN020275319
  • I have completed the Ticket to Class ATI August 2022 

Need help?
Technical Support – 1.800.667.7531

Canvas (TBA)

  • I have logged into Canvas and have accepted the course invitations
  • For students who are currently enrolled at Le Moyne or have taken a Le Moyne course in the past, use the following portal: https://canvas.lemoyne.edu/
  • For students who are not currently enrolled at Le Moyne, and have not previously been a Le Moyne student, use the following portal: https://canvas.lemoyne.edu/login/canvas
    • Check your email titled “SJCON Canvas & ExamSoft Account Information” for more detailed instructions

Need help?
Technical Support – matthew.dwyer@sjhcon.edu

ExamSoft (TBA)

  • I have created my ExamSoft Account
    • Check your email titled “SJCON Canvas & ExamSoft Account Information” for more detailed instructions

Need help?
Technical Support – adam.ward@sjhcon.edu

Basic Math Test

  • I have reviewed the Math Review Packet (link)
  • I have reviewed the Guidelines for Answering Med Math Questions (link)
  • I have reviewed the Basic Math and Medication Math  Competency Testing Policy (link)
  • I am ready to take the test on July 13th or 20th in ExamSoft
    • If I do not earn 100%, I will be required to take a second, in-person test on August 3rd

Need help?
Lab Course Leader – dorothy.kowalczyk@sjhcon.edu

HealthStream (TBA)

  • I have logged in and have completed the necessary HealthStream Assignments (link)
    • How to Access Safety Data Sheets
    • N95 Mask Decontamination and Re-Use
    • Title IX Education for Students, Faculty, & Staff
    • Integrity and Compliance Program New Hire Training
    • Integrity and Compliance Program Annual Training 2022
    • 2022 Security Awareness Training
    • Active Shooter Awareness
  • I understand that these will continue to be assigned throughout my course of study at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing

Need Help?
Technical Support – adam.ward@sjhcon.edu


I received accommodations previously in high school or college or am seeking accommodations for the first time. Please complete the Request for Accommodations Form. (link)

I am an English Language Learner and am requesting accommodations. Please complete the English Language Learner Test Accommodation Request (link)

Need help?
Student Success Coordinator – sara.pena@sjhcon.edu

ID Badge & Parking Pass (ACTIVE)

  • I have completed the request for a Parking Pass (link)
  • I have uploaded my photo for my ID Badge (link)

Need help?

Uniforms (ACTIVE)

  • My Uniforms have been ordered and picked up (link)
  • I will have them for the first day I participate in NSG 111 or NSG 110 Clinical

Textbook & Supplies (ACTIVE)

  • I have reviewed the required and optional textbook and supply list (link)
  • I have requested supplies (link)
  • My Textbooks and Supplies have been ordered

For general question please reach out to us at 315.448.5684 or collegeofnursing@sjhcon.edu