Graduation Info

Upcoming Commencement Dates:

The Ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 15th. Due to current safety guidance, there will be no in person gathering for friends and family. The May 2022 Graduation will be streamed live via our YouTube channel.

The decision to use this format (no families or friends, small groups) was difficult. The decision was guided by a variety of factors such as the regional/county COVID-19 positivity rates, St. Joseph’s current guidelines for meetings and events but, above all, motivated by concerns about your safety and the safety of the St. Joseph’s Health’s colleagues present at the ceremonies.

We are able to hold five (5) in-person sessions by limiting each session to 25 people.

Friends and Family can watch there ceremony live here: St. Joseph’s College of Nursing’s YouTube Channel

Graduation/Commencement Weekday May 2022 FAQs:

Where is the December 2021 Graduation Ceremony?
Graduates will participate in L-100 of St. Joseph’s Health Hospital.

When will I know what time my Ceremony will be held?
Ceremonies are being held on May 15th at 9:30, 10:15, 11:00, 11:45 or 12:30. Students were given the opportunity to choose their own time via signup on Canvas.

When should Graduates arrive?
On May 15th Graduates should plan to arrive by 30 minutes prior to their scheduled session and should report to CON 200

What should Graduates wear under their regalia?
Graduates should dress in semi-professional attire that is appropriate and affords you the opportunity to walk upstairs and safely cross the stage.

What is the structure of the commencement ceremony and how long will it last?
In person ceremonies in the past, typically lasted about an hour.  We are planning on each session to last about 45 minutes. Dean Boris conducts the ceremony. The ceremony includes an Invocation, Salutation & Welcoming Remarks, Commencement Address, Class Speech, Conferring of Degrees, Presentation of Awards and Scholarships, Blessing, and Recessional
Students are in alphabetical order, first by class representatives followed by the remainder of the class.

Who is the St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Class Speaker?
Manal Zahreen

When do I get my regalia (cap & gown)?
Caps, gowns, and other regalia are available and can be picked up at the College of Nursing’s any time during normal hours

How do I wear my regalia?
Watch this short vide to learn more

What GPA do I need to graduate with honors?
Degrees are conferred with honors based on the student’s final cumulative grade-point average.  Honors are conferred as follows: summa cum laude 3.8 and above, magna cum laude 3.6 to 3.79, cum laude 3.4 to 3.59. Official GPAs are taken from SONIS and not from Canvas.

Who is the Exemplary RN that the class has chosen to honor?
Den Oley, RN

What is the process for selecting recipients of graduation awards and scholarships?
The recipients of all graduation awards and scholarships (except those stated below) are nominated by survey monkey by the faculty that taught them during their enrollment at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. The nominees are then submitted to the scholarship committee and the recipient is selected based on the criteria set forth by the donor with the approval of the College administration also keeping in mind the mission of the college. The Sister Antonia/Angel of Mercy Award recipient is selected by his or her classmates.

More than 4,000 men and women have graduated from St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. These graduates relate the personal satisfaction and pride they feel upon attaining this milestone. Most choose to accept positions at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, while others find employment at health care facilities in the community, the region or another state. The excellent reputation of our college and hospital assures that St. Joseph’s alumni will readily find positions in their chosen field. In 2015, 89% of our 84 graduates accepted nursing positions at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Many of our graduates plan to pursue higher education.

As a Graduate…

At the completion of this program of study at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing, the graduate will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination for registered professional nursing.

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing graduates enjoy a near-perfect pass rate on the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX). Their scores have been consistently higher than the mean pass rate in New York state and the nation.

As a Graduate, you will be prepared to…

  • integrate principles from the biopsychosocial sciences and nursing theory when planning and implementing care for patients in a variety of health care settings.
  • apply the nursing process in caring for patients with predictable and unpredictable outcomes throughout the life cycle
  • establish a therapeutic relationship to assist patients and families
  • design individualized teaching plans as an integral component of patient care
  • incorporate moral, ethical and legal standards of the profession in the practice of nursing
  • collaborate with interdisciplinary personnel to provide comprehensive care to patients and families
  • demonstrate responsibility and accountability as a member of the nursing profession