Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit may be awarded for college courses that were completed prior to enrollment at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing (SJCON). The following criteria are used for evaluation of transfer credits:

  • Course was successfully completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher.
  • Course is similar in content, rigor, and expected learning outcomes to those in the St. Joseph’s curriculum.
  • Science courses (Anatomy & Physiology; Microbiology) completed within seven (7) years of acceptance to St. Joseph’s. Science courses completed outside of the seven year time frame must be repeated.
Secondary school and/or college transcripts from countries outside of the U.S. must be translated into English with U.S. grading system by an approved international credential evaluator if the transcripts are to be considered as part of meeting the admission requirements or are to be considered for college transfer credit.  Applicants whose translated secondary school transcripts do not specifically list algebra, biology and chemistry will be required to complete these courses prior to being considered for admission. Final determination of transfer credit is made by the College’s

Registrar in conjunction with the Academic Dean.  Official transcripts for all completed coursework must be submitted before a final determination can be made regarding transfer credit eligibility.

Transfer credits are not included in the computation of the cumulative GPA. A student must complete a minimum number of nursing credits at St. Joseph’s to receive their degree.  Nursing transfer credits are determined on an individual basis.

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Advanced Placement Examinations:

The College will grant Advanced Placement credit in English Composition and Psychology if the student has achieved a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination of the College Entrance Examination Board. An official AP Score Report must be requested from the College Board and forwarded to SJCON for transfer credit to be granted.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP):

The College will grant academic credit for the following CLEP examinations: College Composition, Introductory Psychology, or Introductory Sociology. Credit for the examination is determined in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE). A score of 50 or higher is required for transfer credit to be granted.  An official score report must be requested from the College Board and forwarded to SJCON for transfer credit to be granted. Information regarding these examinations may be found at