Alumni Testimonials: St. Joseph’s College of Nursing
St. Joseph's College of Nursing Alumni Testimonials

We value our alumni and would love to hear your voices! The College plans to use testimonials in admissions pamphlets, 125th reception programs and other marketing materials. If you would like your voice featured at St. Joseph’s, please submit a testimonial.

Media Release Consent: I give St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center (or its affiliated entities) to take, edit and use any audio/video recordings or photographs of me, and use those photographs and recordings, together with my name, biographical information or any testimonials, quotes or other statements I give, for any promotional, recruiting, fundraising, public relations or media-related purposes related to the event or campaign listed above (each, a “Permitted Use”). This includes, without limitation in television, digital, radio and print advertising, internal and external publications, videos, admissions and fundraising materials, social media posts, and College and non-College websites. I agree to waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product and waive rights to any compensation. I understand this Authorization is voluntary, perpetual in duration and that I may revoke it at any time. A revocation of this Authorization must be in writing and submitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center (or its affiliated entities). I further understand that any such revocation does not apply to the extent that persons authorized have already acted in reliance of this Authorization. I understand that I may refuse to sign this Authorization and Consent.