• Parking is available in the Medical Office Centre & Parking Garage located at the corner of Union Ave. & N. Townsend St.
  • On-street metered parking is also available.
  • Parking is at your expense.
  • Directions to Medical Office Centre Parking Garage (link)


  • All students who wish to have student parking must have a valid parking sticker. These stickers are available at orientation for Students at the College. Students may register for a parking permit online: Student Parking Form
  • Student parking is designated in the 24/7 staff/student Surface Lots. Students may never park in “A” or “M” lots. On-street parking is also available however it is the responsibility of the student to abide by all metered signs and payment.
  • Security escorts are available to and from the 24/7 staff/student Surface Lots by calling 315-448-5173.
  • Students provided with handicapped parking accommodations must possess a State or County Handicapped Parking Permit. Temporary requests for handicapped parking must be supported, in writing, by the requesting parties’ provider specifically indicating the need for temporary parking accommodations.
  • When students are required to attend clinical at outside agencies, it is the students’ responsibility to pay for parking or obtain a discounted monthly pass.


While we endeavor to protect the property of our staff, patients, and visitors, the hospital/college is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.

Parking Services

Upon request, Security will provide jump-starts only. All other motor vehicle related assistance shall be referred to an auto club or local service station.