Student Life

When they aren’t engaged in studying or clinical work, St. Joseph’s students have many opportunities for socializing and recreation. The College sponsors frequent activities and countless other opportunities available in and around Syracuse. The College also has on-campus housing. 

Student Development 

St. Joseph’s has residence facilities for students. DDPN students are required to live on-campus at Le Moyne. Most rooms are doubles, but private rooms may be available. Each residence floor has a large lounge area, kitchen appliances, cable television, computer stations and a laundry facility.

Our new student center provides all students with a large lounge and dining area, conference room for group meetings, quiet study rooms with white board painted walls and dedicated testing space.

SJCON Housing

Students are paired with roommates based on their responses to a housing questionnaire. Assignments are made without respect to color, race, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin or handicap.

If you are going to be a St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Student and want to learn about housing options, complete the following:

Student Housing Request

If you are a student who will be doing a rotation at St. Joseph’s Health Hospital and to learn about housing options, complete the following:

Outside Housing Request

If you are a Landlord looking to advertise to St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Students about housing options, complete the following:

Outside Housing Landlord Request

Residence Rules, Policies & Guidelines

Students must sign a contract to live in the residence hall. Students must abide by both the student code of conduct and the resident rules, policies and guidelines.

Meal Plans

Meal plan options can be used at SJH’s Journey Café (Main Hospital Cafeteria) and the Butternut Café & Bakery.

Plan A $100
Plan B $300
Plan C $500
Plan D $700
Plan E $1,150

Journey Café (Main Hospital Cafeteria): located on the second floor of the hospital across from the visitor’s elevators. Prepackaged meals are available for students with dietary restrictions.

Hours: Open Daily from 6:15 AM – 8:00 PM

* Refunds are not applicable. There is no expiration date; funds carry forward each semester/term

Tobacco-Free Campus

It is the policy of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and our affiliate corporations to provide an environment free of tobacco use. This policy exists as one of many methods for St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles through- out our community. Individuals covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, employees, patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, residents, students, medical staff, contractors and vendors, with the exception of behavioral health residents. Campus areas include all areas inside and outside of the College, the Medical Office Centre, the parking garages, the pedestrian bridge and all other buildings on the hospital campus as well as the parking lots and sidewalks contiguous to the property.

Drug-Free Community

As an institution of higher education receiving federal funds, St. Joseph’s College of Nursing is required by the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986 (the “Act”) as amended by the Drug-Free Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (the “1989 Amendments”) to certify to the US secretary of education that it has adopted and implemented a program to prevent the unlawful use, possession or distribution of illicit or prescription drugs and alcohol by students and employees.

The College of Nursing prohibits the unlawful possession, use, sale, or distribution of illicit or prescription drugs by its students, employees, or guests on its property or as part of any activities. The possession, use, sale, or distribution of drug paraphernalia is also strictly prohibited. Such substances and/or objects will be permanently confiscated by Administration or Security. Violation of this policy results in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal , and may have legal consequences. Moreover, the College’s policy stipulates that students are required to report to the academic or clinical area on time and in appropriate mental and physical condition which enables them to carry out their clinical and theoretical learning objectives and duties.

Student Drug Testing

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing is committed to maintaining a drug/alcohol free community. This policy applies to all students. The College reserves the right to require students to submit to drug testing at an unannounced time while enrolled in the program. In addition, the College reserves the right to request students to submit to drug or alcohol testing should there be reasonable cause that a student is impaired while in a class or clinical, or in violation of this substance abuse policy. The purpose of these policies is to provide a drug-free, healthy, safe and secure environment for the students of St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. The College recognizes drug abuse as a health, safety and security problem. Drug dependence is recognized as an illness and major health concern. The use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful. Conviction of illegal use of these substances may result in failure of a student to be eligible for licensure under the regulations of the New York State Educational Department Division of Professional Licensing Services. Students needing help in dealing with drug abuse and/or drug dependency are encouraged to use our Employee/Student Assistance Program (EAP), by calling (315) 451-5164. Conscientious efforts to seek help are supported by the College.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Clinical Services Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center provides students matriculated in a nursing program employment opportunities as student nurse assistants. The student must have completed the required amount of clinical hours to become a student nurse assistant. Conditions of employment are explained further during an information session scheduled near the time of eligibility. There are also other opportunities to gain employment at the hospital. Students are welcome to view employment opportunities on the hospital website at

Health Care & Insurance

All students are encouraged to enroll in a health insurance plan if they are not already covered. Please note that being an affiliate of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center does not entitle students to free health care. In an emergency situation, students may use St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center’s emergency department, but they will be billed for any services rendered.

Social & Cultural Opportunities

The Student Development Council plans group social and cultural
activities throughout the academic year. Each cohort will have three student representatives on this Council to advocate for the students.

Recreational Facilities

St. Joseph’s students taking Le Moyne courses may use the Anthony A. Henninger Athletic Center at Le Moyne College for athletic and recreational activities. The facility contains a competition-size swimming pool, whirlpool, fitness center, weight room, elevated jogging track and racquetball courts.

Spiritual Opportunities

Students of all religious denominations are encouraged to develop their personal spiritual lives. Services are held in the hospital chapel and at area houses of worship. Informal group discussions and prayer services are often organized according to the desires of the students.

Title IX Safety & Security

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing is committed to fostering a campus community where individuals are treated with dignity and where allegations of sexual violence, domestic or dating violence, sexual harassment, and stalking are treated seriously and timely resolved. The College offers options, resource referral, support, and assistance to students and campus community members targeted by these acts so that they may continue to participate in campus programs and activities. The College also offers assistance with referral to public law enforcement and campus conduct processes. Consistent with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, St. Joseph’s College of Nursing does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education programs and activities.

Any questions concerning Title IX may be referred to the College’s Title IX Coordinator:

Kara Evans, PhD, RN
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
206 Prospect Ave.
Office 102, Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 448-5784 

For more information, you can also contact: St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Manager for Security Services at (315) 448-5227.

Student Groups

National Organizations – Students are encouraged to join the National Professional Student Organization which offers workshops, conferences, scholarships, publications, product discounts and other programs and services.

College Committees – Students are members of select college committees of the College of Nursing, which develop the College’s objectives as well as plans, implements and evaluates the curriculum. Student members serve as liaisons between the faculty and the student body.

Alumni Association – All graduates are encouraged to maintain ties with classmates and with the College by joining the St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Alumni Association. Through annual dues and fundraising events, the association funds special projects for the College of Nursing and provides scholarships for students and graduates