Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Incoming Student Scholarship Opportunities Each year, St. Joseph’s receives many outstanding and academically talented students, and therefore, cannot assist all applicants. Awards are made to exemplary students and are highly competitive due to limited funding, therefore, a scholarship offer is not guaranteed.  St. Joseph’s College of Nursing cannot negotiate student aid packages to match other grant and scholarship offers.

General Scholarship Application for Incoming Students

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*Note: It is recommended to apply for our scholarship opportunities at the time you receive an admissions acceptance.

Application Deadline: February 1




Dual Degree Partnership in Nursing Alumni Scholarship The Alumni Association one scholarship annually to a DDPN student who has maintained a 3.0 grade point average at the end of the first year at Le Moyne College.

 –  $1000.00 each semester of year’s 2 and 3 while attending St. Joseph’s College of Nursing

 –  Legal resident of New York State

 –  U.S. citizen or eligible non- citizen

 –  Must have FASFA on record

 –  Maintain good academic standing each semester

LaMarche Scholarship A scholarship funded by the family of Carol Lee Fortin LaMarche, RN, Class of 1964 for a Dual Degree Partnership in Nursing (DDPN) student.

 –  Demonstrates dedication to active community service, academic excellence and financial need

 –  Recipient receives $500 per semester for four semesters, and an additional $500 upon graduation to use towards tuition at Le Moyne College for their 4th year

 –  Must perform a minimum of 2.5 volunteer service hours per semester

 –  Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher per semester

Major Stanley E. Brown Scholarship The recipient must be a U.S. Veteran or child of a U.S. veteran.  If no applicant meets this criteria, the College has discretion to select another recipient.

–  One scholarship is awarded to either a Weekday or Evening/Weekend

–  Funds can be used towards tuition and/or indirect costs

–  Annual award amounts will vary

Say Yes to Education Higher Education Compact Application

 –  St. Joseph’s College of Nursing awards a maximum of two (2) awards on an annual basis to eligible recipients with family incomes less than $75,000, dependent on the College’s funding levels

 –  The award covers full tuition, fees and books less other federal and state grants

Say Yes Choice Grant

–  Students from families with higher incomes are eligible to apply for the Say Yes Choice Grant for an award up to $5,000

–  For further information, contact your Say Yes representative

Sister Mary Obrist Scholarship Auxiliary The auxiliary of St. Joseph’s Health Hospital awards a full tuition scholarship to a second year Dual Degree Partnership in Nursing (DDPN) student who has maintained a 3.0 grade point average at the end of the first year at Le Moyne College in the nursing program.

 –  Must be a recipient of a Le Moyne College Scholarship to be eligible

 –  Must maintain a B+ or higher in nursing coursework and demonstrate satisfactory progress in the clinical portion of each nursing course at the completion of each semester.

 –  Must demonstrate engagement and commitment to the profession and College through participation in one or more of the following: recruitment events, committee membership, peer mentoring, support group membership, other volunteer activities.

Sister Mary Sheila Daly Memorial Scholarship Alumni Association Each year, the Alumni Association awards two scholarships in memory of Sister Mary Sheila Daly, past school director (1956–1974).

 –  Students are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship split between four semesters/terms

 –  Must maintain good academic standing each semester/term

Sister Wilhelmnia Scholarship Auxiliary Sister Wilhelmina was appointed Director of St. Joseph’s School of Nursing in 1943.  She became the hospital’s Administrator and Treasurer in 1951.

 –  The auxiliary of St. Joseph’s Health Hospital awards two partial scholarships to incoming students every year; one to a day option student and one to a weekend option student

 –  A 3.0 GPA must be maintained to retain this scholarship

The Saint Marianne Cope Scholarship Saint Marianne Cope became superior of Saint Joseph’s Hospital in 1875.  The scholarship is funded by Karen Vogel Osborne, a 1969 graduate of Saint Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing, to remind us of the love behind all of our work.

 –  Be a student who has submitted a scholarship application;

 –  Demonstrate academic excellence in high school or previous college;

 –  Demonstrate financial need; and

 –  Have a need for indirect costs such as childcare, rent, food, etc. in order to focus on their studies

The Vivian Rippin Scholarship Application To Benefit Children/Grandchildren of Deceased/Retired St. Joseph’s College of Nursing Faculty/Staff Scholarship.

 –  This scholarship provides a full tuition scholarship to a child or grandchild of a former faculty/staff member (retired or deceased) who was an employee of the College of Nursing for a minimum of 10 consecutive years.

 –  Applicant has not been the prior recipient of an award or scholarship awarded by the College of Nursing or St. Joseph’s Hospital

 –  Must demonstrate financial need

 –  Scholarship is available for tuition only for four semesters of the Weekday option or four terms of the Weekend option

 –  Recipient must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average per semester or term

– Recipient must complete 5hrs. of volunteer service per semester/term for an organization whose mission and purpose is aligned with the mission of the College of Nursing and St. Joseph’s Health Hospital.

Student Employment Opportunities: Student Nurse Assistant (SNA) The Clinical Services Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital in collaboration with the College of Nursing provides matriculated students employment opportunities as student nurse assistants. Conditions of employment are explained further during an information session scheduled near the time of eligibility. Students are welcome to view employment opportunities at

 –  The student must have completed the required 90 clinical hours to become a student nurse assistant

 –  Onboarding occurs in May and December