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Tuition & Fees 2020-21
Tuition and fees must be paid before the beginning of each semester. If you need financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 315-448-5040 or the NYSHESC at 1-888-NYSHESC.

*Tuition rates for 2020-2021 are $575 per credit hour.
Tuition for St. Joseph's and Le Moyne College is subject to change without notice. 

Students may not register for further studies, graduate or receive grades or transcripts until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made concerning any outstanding charges, fees or fines at St Joseph's College of Nursing or Le Moyne College. 

Keep in mind that tuition, fees, and room and board are direct costs to the College. In other words, you will receive a bill from the College with those items listed as charges. Books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses are indirect costs. You won’t receive a bill from the College with those items listed, but we realize that students do have those additional items as expenses, so we include them in your estimated costs. Indirect expenses can be less depending on how well you budget during the academic year.

    Semester 1  Semester 2   
Year One  Tuition $10,835 $9,775  
Fees  $728 $9,775  
Total $11,653 $10,503 $22,156
    Semester 3  Semester 4   
Year Two  Tuition  $9,200 $9,200
Fees  $843 $843
Total $10,043 $10,043 $20,086
  Estimated Total Tuition and Fees for Two Years:  $42,242

    Semester 1  Semester 2   
Year One  Tuition $8,625 $9,8,65  
Fees  $728 $728  
Room/Board $7,060 $7,060  
Total $16,413 $17,563 $33,976 
    Semester 3  Semester 4   
Year Two  Tuition $8,798 $9,384
Fees  $843 $843
Room/Board $7,370 $7,370
Total $17,011 $17,597 $34,608
  Estimated Total Tuition, Fees, Room/Board for Two Years: $68,584

*A-DDPN students should contact Le Moyne College for billing/financial aid options
  Term 1  Term 2  Term 3   
Tuition $10,925 $6,900 $7,475
Fees  $928 $928 $1,158
Total $11,853 $7,828 $8,633
Estimated SJCON Total for 18-Months:  $28,314 

Estimated LC Total for 18-Months:  $20,104 
  Estimated Total for Two Degrees:  $48,418 

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Financial Aid at a Glance: 

Indirect Costs:

Application Fee*  $50    No fee for online submission
Enrollment Fee*  $250   Non-refundable; applied to first semester/term 
Late Payment Fee  $25     
Residence Hall Room  $6,000    (annually; for DAY students only) 
Residence Hall Security Deposit  $200    Refundable 
Board $300    (average per semester/term; available to all students)
Transportation Costs $900    
Personal Expenses $1,000    
Uniforms & Attire $150   (approx.); students purchase from local vendor
Book & Supplies  $1,355    Covers all semesters/terms, Nursing (NSG) Courses only
Return Check Fee  $45     
Tuition Payment Plan  $25-75    Based on outstanding balance
Remedial Lab Fee
$10 - $20
  (per lab)
Background Screening & Medical Tracker  $171     

*Non-Refundable Fee